Livingroome in cooperation with the Messe Frankfurt Italia launch the “Roaming Rome” international design competition. Entries should present projects for

Accessories, object for travellers: technological, useful and emotional objects that independently on where we are will bring us in a place of memory. Objects addressed to the person and the place that will guest them.


Set for little travel kit peddling and retailing (made using bike, scooter, Apecar, electric car) that, not on gadget logic, creates a new design’s micro-distribution.

We live in a period of continuous movement due to study, work and love, of continuous information flux and each person travelling carry, dream or desire “emotional” objects.
The district became more and more the nomad-fixed destination of a person who travel and look for an emotional place in the towns he visits for work.
So “Nomadism” should be considered also in relationship to the person that will be reached by moving, emotional objects.
The revival of retailers using Apecar, rickshaw and other little means of transport, that even if produced by large retailer deny it with the aim of taking back districts.

The purpose is to create and design innovative products on the suggested themes.

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